planters and window boxes


fiori garden design creates beautiful "miniature gardens" that will provide you with ongoing pleasure throughout the year. Planters and window boxes are our specialty, and we delight in offering our clients something new and exciting in every season.

Starting in early spring, cold-tolerant annuals provide a welcome burst of color just when it seems that winter will never end. In mid-May, summer annuals step in, combined in elegant and unusual arrangements of colors, textures and foliage. We plant our containers generously, for an "instant garden" that looks great right away and through the rest of the season.

Fall is the perfect opportunity to create color in your environment as the landscape begins to go dormant for the winter. Seasonal classics such as chrysanthemums, kales and cabbages are combined with pine cones, miniature pumpkins and gourds, and branches of bright berries.

Winter does not mean having to stare at forlorn, empty pots for months to come. In December, we will create seasonal arrangements of greens, berries and twigs to ensure that your containers look attractive till spring returns.

All of our containers are installed using a custom blended soil mix, along with essential nutrients and water-storing polymers. The best-quality plants are selected and planted, and your installation is completed with a generous layer of mulch to provide a neat and finished appearance.