creating a low-maintenance garden

Every season seems to bring more and more requests for “low maintenance” gardens. This typically translates to a garden that looks great year-round, with little or no time and effort needed once installed.  And – oh yes – it should also be deer-proof.

As we all lead busy and hectic lives, our leisure time has become more precious than ever. Most of my clients want to stroll outside on a summer evening, drink in hand, and simply enjoy their gardens. But the truth is, a garden is a living, changing entity that needs some degree of care and attention to thrive and look beautiful.

That said, it is possible to have a lovely, “low maintenance” garden with some advance planning and a reality check on your expectations. That heirloom rose bed or formal English knot garden may not be in your future, but you can certainly achieve a great-looking landscape by keeping in mind the following:

Following these guidelines will result in a garden that looks good year-round, with little time and effort needed once installed.

Enjoy your garden!

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