containers, continued

In last month’s article we discussed how container gardening provides the opportunity to experiment with new plants, expand your range of plant choices and have room for beautiful plants and flowers even if you live in an apartment or condo. For those who are unsure of how to begin, I’ve outlined some basic design principles and installation/maintenance tips to help ensure success (and continued gardening!).

As the season progresses, check on the vitality of your plants. While some plants can last from late spring till fall, others will need to be replaced mid-season. Don’t hesitate to replace plants that are looking tired and spent of blooms. By making periodic changes you can have the pleasure of beautiful pots and window boxes for up to 3 seasons.

These are only suggested guidelines. Container gardening is an ideal opportunity to take chances and experiment with new color schemes and plant combinations. Pots are relatively quick and easy to install and provide almost instant gratification (not something commonly associated with gardening!).

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